The last time Twitchy checked in on Samuel L. Jackson, the actor was lamenting (as “unfair shit”) the fact that Hurricane Isaac had spared the Republican National Convention. No surprise, then, that the actor is lending his particular talents to President Obama’s re-election effort. The slogan’s changed a bit, though, from “Hope and change” to “Wake the fuck up.”

The ad, a takeoff on Jackson’s previous audio recording of the hit “children’s” book “Go the F**k to Sleep,” is notable less for the language than for the overall message — one aimed at voters who enthusiastically supported Obama in 2008 and presumably need a wake-up call to pull the lever in 2012. You know what might help? A list of accomplishments.

None of that here; how about some scare-mongering instead? Jackson warns us that an “out-of-touch millionaire’s just declared war” and is “against safety nets,” schools, the environment and Planned Parenthood.

Speaking of out-of-touch millionaires, as Twitchy noted, the ad is sponsored by the Jewish Council for Education & Research, the Super PAC backed by Alexander Soros. The same group produced Sarah Silverman’s ads where she offered “traditional lesbian sex” to Sheldon Adelson and equated voter ID laws to suppression of the black vote (while mentioning vaginal discharge, natch). Wow, we’re learning so much about Judaism! Thanks JCER!

“Tea Party guy” Chuck Woolery recently said he was struck dumb by the vulgarity of Obama’s star following, and we don’t imagine Jackson’s ad will help much, particularly when the young Julia who stars shouts out for her neighborhood to “wake the fuck up” and get baking cookies for the re-election effort. Others, though, are lapping it up, calling it the best political ad of all time.

Bully Dan Savage, who tweeted about wanting to see Romney’s “liver and spleen,” approves.

“Profanity aside?” Um, have you seen the ad?