Like a cold being passed around the office, the truth behind the death of the United States’ ambassador to Libya is spreading — slowly — through the Obama administration. Today, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta admitted in a press conference that the assault which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others “was a terrorist attack.”

Panetta’s appearance today leaves the president himself as perhaps the final holdout from using the word “terrorism.” While Obama declined to use the word during his appearances on “The View” and at the United Nations, surrogate Jay Carney told the press yesterday that “it is certainly the case that it is our view as an administration, the president’s view, that it was a terrorist attack.”

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has sent a letter to the State Department demanding answers, and even the mainstream media have decided to jump off the president’s lap in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Now that all except Obama himself seem to have jumped off of the “blame the video” bandwagon (even as the filmmaker finds himself held without bail), Twitter users have started #Benghazigate trending in a search for answers and accountability.