The Obama campaign’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter didn’t earn the nickname “lying liar” for nothing. Today, the woman who claimed she didn’t know the details of steelworker Joe Soptic’s story as he linked Mitt Romney to his wife’s cancer death — even though he had been featured in two previous ads — told CNN that “we take fact-checking very, very seriously.”

Cutter was appearing on “The Situation Room” to “clarify” remarks that the president had made in an interview with “60 Minutes,” in which “good cop” Obama had admitted that his campaign had sometimes gone “overboard.” Ever the helpful water-carrier, “60 Minutes” left the president’s admission out of Sunday night’s broadcast.

Leave it to Cutter, then, to insist that the campaign stands by all its ads, even the ones that go overboard.

Cutter has been known to go where she knows her lies won’t be questioned, and it seems CNN is happy to provide a safe house for plenty more of the same.