Facing the intimidating hosts of “The View” today, President Obama admitted that the Sept. 11 assault in Benghazi which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others “wasn’t just a mob action,” though he stopped short of calling it a terrorist attack.

The heavy lifting, then, would be left to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who met with Libyan president Mohamed Magariaf today in New York and referred in remarks to “the terrorist assault on our consulate in Benghazi” while bypassing mention of the YouTube video which the administration had initially blamed for the violence. It took more than a week after the assault for Press Secretary Jay Carney to call the terrorist attack “self-evident.” Ambassador Susan Rice continued to blame the video even after Magariaf had called the attack preplanned.


Carney told reporters today that the president would run into foreign leaders at a reception, but no meetings were planned. “The president’s obviously got a busy schedule. He has a busy schedule all the time,” said Carney.