A quick scan of Twitter earlier this week, shortly after Mother Jones released that super-secret tape of a Romney fundraiser, would have convinced just about anyone that the election was over. Liberals marked Monday night as the moment Romney’s fate was sealed. Michael Moore wondered how the GOP would manage to replace Romney on the ballot. Even so-called conservatives stopped wringing their hands longs enough to type up their obituaries for the campaign.

So what to make of a new poll, then, which shows the race in a dead heat nationally?


Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll for the Saturday following Romney’s so-called horrible week shows the candidates tied at 46. And what about Romney’s campaign-killing comment that 47 percent of people in America feel entitled? Another Rasmussen survey taken Thursday shows that 64 percent of adults agree that too many people are dependent on government aid.

With the president returning at last to what was once the solid blue state of Wisconsin, campaign manager Jim Messina acknowledged to reporters that national polls show the race is tight. He added one caveat, though: “national polls aren’t relevant to this campaign.”


How many death knells is this now?