Speaking Wednesday evening at a forum co-sponsored by Univision and Facebook and held at the University of Miami, Mitt Romney shocked many on Twitter by referring to illegal aliens as illegal aliens.

In a tweet reporting on Romney’s remarks, Univision News helpfully translated the term to “undocumented youth.”

When hidden camera video of Romney speaking like a conservative at a fundraiser was released Monday night, plenty of Obama supporters were certain it was the final nail in the campaign’s coffin. Romney’s apparent refusal to pander to his audience along racial lines convinced them that he was yet again reaching for the hammer and another bag of nails.


Yes, why not use the technical term, DREAMers?

In contrast, the crowd of around 750 didn’t seem to object, and in fact cheered for the candidate. Reporters were quick to point out that student tickets to the event were distributed by student Republican organizations. (The school’s Young Democrats were given tickets to distribute for President Obama’s appearance, which will happen Thursday.)

Yes, #LatinosForRomney do exist.