But… the video! Once he got that Las Vegas fundraiser out of the way, President Obama was right on the case of the murdered U.S. Ambassador to Libya, pressuring Google (unsuccessfully) to take down a video and sending a team of federal officers to question the filmmaker. Could it have been a week’s worth of images of violent protests and burning American flags in as many as 21 countries that eroded Americans’ faith in Obama’s foreign policy prowess?

A new poll by NBC and the Wall Street Journal shows that approval of Obama’s handing of foreign policy plummeted six points in the last month overall, and by a whopping 12 points among independents.

The poll shows that 86 percent of Democrats still approve of Obama’s foreign policy, while only 41 percent of independents and 10 percent of Republicans approve, down from 19 percent in August.

NBC theorizes that “much of that drop can be attributed to increased political polarization just seven weeks until Election Day.” Oh, and perhaps all of those anti-American riots that the administration insists aren’t anti-American riots but reactions to that “reprehensible” film.