President Jimmy Carter’s grandson James Carter, who describes himself in his Twitter profile as an opposition researcher, has claimed credit for leaking the undercover video of a Mitt Romney fundraiser which is making headlines tonight.

Carter spoke with New York magazine about his part in helping leak the video. He says he did not shoot the video himself but rather tracked down the person who did and put that person in touch with David Corn at Mother Jones. So how did Carter find the video in the first place?

As Twitchy reported in August, an excerpt of the secret video had been posted to YouTube under a fake account said to be associated with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. That account has since been suspended. That portion of the video made waves among opponents for alleging to uncover Romney “bragging about his sweatshop in China.” Carter says he tracked down the real poster, who goes by the Twitter handle AnneOnymous670.

The identity of Anne Onymous remains unknown for the moment, as does the effect of the video on the Romney campaign. It’s unlikely that Jimmy Carter’s video appearance at the Democratic National Convention game Obama much of a bump, but will his grandson have an effect? For the moment, he’s basking in the attention.

Um, not so fast.

All the information? Like we said, not so fast. When do we get the videos from Obama’s private fundraisers?

Ironically, perhaps, Carter says that he too is looking for work. “I’ve been trying to get paid for this but it hasn’t worked out yet,” he told New York magazine. “This might help.”