First things first: No, the president will not stop partying with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Next week’s fundraiser at New York’s 40/40 club is expected to raise $40,000 per person, and no scheduling conflict is likely to keep that from happening. What, is something else important going on right now? Oh yeah, Letterman.

Well, it’s not fair to say the president’s done nothing. After a Vegas fundraiser was out of the way, the White House did ask YouTube to review the video which the administration insists is responsible for the 9/11 attacks on Americans overseas.

Add “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” drummer Questlove to the list of celebs who’d prefer to blame a video for killing people.

We’re not sure who’s to say who decides when a filmmaker has put our country in danger by making a “propaganda film.” Keep in mind, though, this is the person responsible for NBC having to review his band’s song choices.

Jameson for secretary of state?

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