Here’s the deal: We were set Wednesday to write a post on “The View” and Dana Loesch’s reaction to it, but there were so many tweets to juggle it became a chore, so today we’re just going with two tweets. The hubbub is over the accusation that Senate candidate Hershel Walker paid for a girlfriend’s abortion. Liberals, obviously, are calling anyone who would vote for Walker a hypocrite; after all, he’s guilty of murder. But Loesch says it plain as day: She wants control of the Senate, where Walker will be a pro-life vote, or where Raphael Warnock will fight for taxpayer-funded abortions. We can play the Left’s game and just not vote and let Warnock’s pro-abortion until birth vote stand.

The ladies of “The View” obviously clutched their pearls:

There are no “skanks,” there’s just this thing called “hook-up culture.” And Democratic strategist Rachel Bitecofer thinks candidates should be reaching out to young men and warning them that hook-up culture is at risk — ” I would be targeting young men on YouTube about how the big gov Republicans want to ruin their sex lives,” she tweeted.

If Twitter were actually concerned about abuse — and especially abuse against women — they could start by policing Loesch’s mentions, which are the vilest we’ve seen.

In an ideal world, we’d have better options than Walker and Warnock, but we don’t.


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