We’re certain that Deepak Chopra is as anti-gun as they come; gun-shy Piers Morgan has him on speed dial for those moments when a gun tragedy just can’t go to waste. But if anyone shouldn’t have the right to own a firearm, it’s the potty-mouthed Twitter trolls on Chopra’s otherwise-transcendent timeline.

Speaking of those pesky Twitter followers, here’s one seeking clarification on the whole “guns are for cowards” issue.

Ah, “street guns” are the problem. Sounds like some sort of racist code language to us.

Wait, Chopra says he prefers to feel vulnerable and then adds, “to each his own?” As in, own a gun if you’d rather not feel vulnerable? Sounds pretty libertarian to us. Maybe some tweets from earlier in the day will clarify. To each his own, huh?

We’re getting the feeling we’re about one tweet away from either spiritual transcendence or absolute meaninglessness. Let’s try one more tweet.