Recent law school graduate Sandra Fluke was scheduled to address the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night, introducing herself as a woman who rose to public prominence after being shut out of a hearing on contraception by nasty Republican men. It seems, though, that the Democrats have bumped her much-hyped speech.

Fluke had tweeted that she was preparing to go onstage.

The arena had gone into lockdown earlier this evening, prompting rumors that President Obama would appear and perhaps take the stage. Could that be the reason for the schedule shuffle? Who are these white businessmen on stage during her slot? Is Fluke just another victim of the Democrats’ war on women?

Will Fluke make a late appearance? No one seems to know at this point. But it would be a shame to let these tweets go to waste.

Fluke did arrive on stage at last, kicking off the 10 o’clock hour, but we’re thankful to have Twitter to help us pass the time.