We’re awaiting confirmation from the @SandObama Twitter account, who last posted 21 hours ago from his giant litter box outside the EpiCenter in Charlotte, N.C., where he’ll simultaneously greet and creep out delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

While word of Sand Obama’s demise quickly spread across the Internet, reports now confirm that it was another giant, 12-ton sand sculpture, this one in front of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, that was demolished for unspecified security reasons. And so our very brief national nightmare comes to a close.

Some media outlets are reporting that heavy rains in Charlotte have damaged the sculpture, but in any case, get your digs in while you can. It’ll be gone a week from now, and you won’t have Giant Sand Obama to kick around anymore!


Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the moment Sand Obama met Invisible Obama, also known as the empty chair. Congratulations: you have reached the end of the Internet.

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