PBS’s Gwen Ifill has had a busy day, not only defending David Chalian over his comment that the GOP is “happy to have a party while black people drown” but also calling the ex-Yahoo News bureau chief “God’s gift to political journalism.” Now Ifill has a reading assignment for her “new Twitter detractors.”

“Unbiased” journalist Ifill tweets a link to a National Journal article by editor Ron Fournier with the patently biased title, “Why (and How) Romney Is Playing the Race Card.” Fournier’s proof? A breakfast conversation with a Detroit firefighter and a contractor who helpfully translate Romney’s “code” — “the subtle language of distrust and prejudice that whites use to communicate deep-set fears.”

We believe this is what “real journalists” call a follow-up question, and it’s worth answering. Does this “good read” prove that Chalian was right about the GOP being happy about people drowning?


Note: digging a deeper hole for yourself is not the kind of “shovel-ready job” anyone had in mind.



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