At a campaign stop in Nevada today, President Barack Obama again went on record quoting Mitt Romney as saying that “class sizes don’t matter” — a claim Twitchy recently debunked in an investigation of a new Obama campaign ad.

Despite nearly $100 billion of stimulus money allocated to schools under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, with more than half tagged to prevent layoffs and staff cutbacks, public school classrooms are still packed, and the administration wants to hear the stories.

Conservatives are using the #ClassSizeMatters hashtag to tell another story, however.

The source of the Obama campaign’s claim, as cited in its ad, is Romney’s comparison of class sizes in the United States to those of other higher-performing countries. “So it’s not the classroom size that’s driving the success of those school systems,” Romney noted, echoing the comments of the Obama administration’s own Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who observed that “many high-performing education systems, especially in Asia, have substantially larger classes than the United States.”

While smaller classes remain the ideal for teachers and parents alike, some would prefer to see more choice in the matter, along with merit-based promotions and a renewed focus on curriculum.

As long as we’re getting back to basic math, isn’t there something else we’re overlooking?

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