Supposedly color-blind liberals found themselves blinded by Paul Ryan’s whiteness immediately following his announcement as Mitt Romney’s running mate. As Ryan campaigned alongside his mother today before an enthusiastic crowd at The Villages in Florida, the Left again demonstrated its uncanny ability to distinguish colors.

While Ryan appeared in Florida today, President Obama made a third campaign stop in New Hampshire, speaking in a high school gym in the town of Windham. Today’s tweets have inspired us to play “think like a liberal.” How does this work again? Checking Wikipedia for demographics will give you “all you need to know”?

It turns out Windham is an “affluent” town of around 13,500, and 2000 census results show a population that is 96.89 percent white and 0.32% African American — a lower percentage of African-Americans than even The Villages. Isn’t this news? Where are the people who are supposed to be counting? Didn’t anyone notice?

So while Obama was too busy to speak before the NAACP’s annual convention this year, he did find time to visit Windham. Should we care?

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