Has the celebration of Paul Ryan’s fabled “wonkiness” given running mate Mitt Romney license to embrace his corporate image?


At a campaign stop in South Carolina today, Romney pulled out a whiteboard to quite literally illustrate the differences between his Medicare plan and the Obama administration’s — and drove the Left nuts.

Steve Benen, producer of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” quickly blogged that Romney had “tarnished the very idea of whiteboard lessons” and “shredded” the whiteboard code of honor.

Once you’ve become used to the magic of the teleprompter, a white board must seem a little primitive. Doesn’t Romney know what century this is?

Some liked the old school approach.

If the “Sorry Everybody” craze of 2004, in which people uploaded photos of themselves holding written apologies for President George W. Bush’s re-election, taught us anything, it’s to never provide the Internet with a photo of yourself holding an alterable sign. Within hours, Romney’s whiteboard had its own tumblr site, the White House posted its own version, and parodies were everywhere.

With unemployment numbers again revised upward, is it possible to find the image of a man in a white collar and tie at a whiteboard comfortingly nostalgic?