Will.i.am still hasn’t found his car, which he reported missing via a tweet early this morning. Fans and followers have pitched in with plenty of dubious tips, but a day later, the will.i.amobile is apparently still M.I.A.

The star tweeted this photo of Nicole Scherzinger next to his customized DeLorean DMC on the way to his album listening party at the Avalon club in Hollywood.

Within two hours of his first tweet reporting the missing auto, will.i.am had tweeted that “this joke is getting old,” but for the fans, the joke was just getting started.

No, it looks more like this.

Why not go to the police? From the start, it has seemed like will.i.am suspected a prank.

Is the whole mess a prank at this point? TMZ.com reported earlier that a representative emailed, “Everything is fine, he has his car.” But if that’s true, will.i.am either hasn’t received the news or just wants to keep the photos coming.