The Mitt Romney campaign was quick to respond to a BuzzFeed report today in which unnamed aides elevated vice presidential pick and “policy wonk” Paul Ryan via subtle digs at Sarah Palin, simultaneously an “unknown quantity” and a “polarizing politician.”

Breitbart’s Dana Loesch calls out the anonymous sources and reports that the Romney campaign was unified in denouncing the piece as an attempt to divide conservative support.

Buzzfeed is hiding behind anonymous quotes to portray conservatives as divided on Ryan as VP. Our campaign is on the record endorsing Ryan, while Buzzfeed falsely cites “aides” to avoid the real story – our party is united behind leaders like Governor Palin AND Paul Ryan. Not content to debate the issues, the liberals at Buzzfeed are helping Democrats continue their personal attacks to protect THE ONE.

A united front behind Ryan and Palin seems to have come together quickly.

Update: the battle over anonymous sources has become a Saturday night smackdown.

Shall we round up the usual suspects while the popcorn pops?