You, dear Twitchy reader, get it.

So says embattled comedian and actor Jon Lovitz in an interview with Despite the volumes of evidence provided by one conservative hashtag game takeover after another, conservatives have a reputation for lacking a sense of humor. Lovitz, though, has seen otherwise. “[Breitbart] and, they get the humor. The Huffington Post … their comedy guys have no sense of humor and their headlines are lying,” said Lovitz.

Lovitz earned the scorn of the Left in April when he called the idea that the rich don’t pay their taxes “fucking bullshit.”

Twitchy was there to document the left’s meltdown, as former fans of the comic (and of freedom of speech, apparently) turned on him in a bid to either distance themselves or shame the comic back into line ideologically.

“I meant what I said,” Lovitz told “I said what I said to make people laugh.” At least some of us got it.

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