Is Clint Eastwood’s appearance with Mitt Romney at a fundraising event in Idaho today a sign that others in Hollywood might step forward for change this election season? Probably not — but then again, Eastwood’s tougher than most.

His narration of the “Halftime in America” Super Bowl spot certainly had the ring of an Obama campaign slogan, but is the actor and director’s choice really that surprising?

Film aficionados were shocked this week when “Vertigo” knocked “Citizen Kane” from its comfortable perch atop Sight and Sound’s list of the best films of all time. Likewise, now that Eastwood has endorsed Romney, there’s sure to be plenty more film revisionism as former fans suddenly realize they really didn’t like Eastwood’s movies all this time after all.

Those apparently unaware of Eastwood’s libertarian streak were quick to cite the 82-year-old’s age as a factor.

It seems Eastwood may have gained new fans alongside those who knew they “always liked the guy.”

Go ahead, tell us: did Eastwood make your day?