Rapper, actor and reality TV star Ice-T picked up quite a few conservative fans yesterday with his insightful comments on the Second Amendment. But a mention by Rush Limbaugh today has Ice-T feeling not so sweet.


Was Ice-T tuning in to Limbaugh as usual or did he catch the news second-hand?

For the record, here’s the transcript as it appears on Limbaugh’s site:

 So here’s this sophisticate from the UK’s Eyeball News Channel 4, and there’s Ice-T saying the only reason we got guns in America is “to protect yourself from the police.”  (laughing)  Well, we’re told, “Hey, it’s cultural. We gotta understand it from the cultural standpoint. That’s where Mr. T’s coming from.” (interruption) Yeah, he did. He knew the word “tyranny.”  He knew the word “tyranny,” and he knows that tyranny comes from government representatives.  Double impressive.  Tyranny doesn’t come from media figures, or actors.

In any case, Ice-T tweets that he’s glad to be making waves.