Long before “Ice Loves Coco” and “Law & Order,” “Original Gangster” Ice-T and his band Body Count made a splash with “Cop Killer.” His 1992 solo album, “Home Invasion,” kicked off with a gunshot and the line, “Turn up the mic, dog, so I can get off/Find me Charlton Heston and I might cut his head off.” So excuse us if we’re a little surprised to see this linked video:


We have to wonder, then, what Heston would be tweeting about Ice-T’s latest defense of the Second Amendment, courtesy of an interview with Channel 4 London, in which he calls gun ownership “the last form of defense against tyranny.”

Police groups weren’t fans of Ice-T when “Cop Killer” was making the rounds, and he probably hasn’t won back many fans by clarifying that gun ownership is not about hunting but “to protect yourself from the police.” Remember, he’s not a cop, but he does play one on TV.