John Podhoretz has uncovered was seems to be a tasty Facebook nugget: a wholehearted endorsement of Mitt Romney by actress Jennifer Garner. Of note is Podhoretz’s inclusion of the word “verified” — is it really so hard to believe that a Hollywood celebrity would support Romney? Well, yes, yes it is.

Celebrity accounts have been faked before (e.g., Wendi Deng Murdoch), and even real celebrities (such as Salman Rushdie) have complained of difficulties verifying themselves. The idea that Mrs. Ben Affleck herself could be a Romney supporter is just too good an idea to pass up, though.

Even better is the idea of a celebrity matchup between Garner and a certain Obama dinner host.

No news yet on just how “verified” this endorsement really is (the original Facebook post went up July 2 to little notice), but perhaps if Twitter gets this trending we’ll be able to bring you the final word loud and clear.