Did you hear that Mitt Romney was booed today during his appearance before the NAACP? If not, Twitchy has a handy roundup of headlines for you.

Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins finds it curious that liberals simply didn’t take a moment to stop and enjoy the schadenfreude. Well, they did take a minute, but not much more.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told Bloomberg Television’s Peter Cook that “it was a calculated move on [Romney’s] part to get booed.” Cook passed on what would seem the obvious follow-up: why?

On his MSNBC program “PoliticsNation,” the Rev. Al Sharpton theorized that the boos were calculated to “play to the right-wing.”

Coppins also reports that suspended Politico writer Joe Williams feels “vindicated” by the boos.

We’re not quite following the logic there either. Williams claimed that Romney was only comfortable around “white folks,” and yet it was Romney and not President Obama who attended the convention — and received a standing ovation.

Perhaps Pelosi was right, and Romney actually was seeking out the boos to “embolden” him.

So, if Romney was trying to elicit boos, the applause during his defense of traditional marriage must have been … a failure? Maybe he should try harder, or get some help.