So what, exactly, has Paris Hilton come up with this time to work her way into Twitter’s trending topics? A new reality show? Clothing line? Perfume? Sex tape? Guess again.

The socialite slipped on some jewel-encrusted headphones and made her debut as a DJ in Sao Paulo, Brazil last weekend, and even days later critics are struggling to express in 140 characters exactly how little fun was had on the other side of the decks.

Superstar DJ and current electronic dance music (EDM) chart-topper Deadmau5 was among the first to declare the event the end of music and, possibly, the world:

How bad could it be, really? All you have to do is play some records, right? It was her first time (DJing, that is), so there’s certainly no shame in having an anonymous assistant run onstage mid-set to twist the volume knob for you.

On the positive side, Hilton’s set has inspired others to reach for the stars.

At least one person enjoyed herself:

A world tour has been promised.