We have to go back and check our own site from just a few hours ago: Wasn’t there a post about CNN’s Brian Stelter complaining that the word “narcissist” hadn’t been used enough in four years of covering President Trump? Didn’t CNN get enough attention when it retweeted that piece in Esquire about “The Oral History of CNN’s Election Week,” where we had to hear about Jake Tapper’s caffeine strategy? “The caffeine strategy was I needed coffee all the time, always. I was getting a new coffee every half hour,” he told the magazine.

Now Tapper has noticed that President Trump has retweeted Mark Levin, who called the CNN anchor “Fake Tapper.” But worst of all, the president retweeted that while the American people were suffering through the deadliest month yet of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yeah, isn’t Tapper the one who referred to Trump’s children as “the president’s spawn” and dismissed Kellyanne Conway with “Bye, Felicia”? Not that the mask was firmly in place before the election, but it sure dropped quickly immediately after.

It’s a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.

It’s not too late to tweet about “that laptop stuff,” if it’s a slow news day.

Everyone in the mainstream media, just hang on a little longer … we know you’re cranky, but naptime is just around the corner.

* * *


Tapper really needs to take a break from Twitter. Isn’t there a pandemic to cover?