CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter entered the echo chamber of his own network to tell Brianna Keilar and S.E. Cupp that “there’s asymmetric nastiness” going on between the Trump and Biden campaigns. The Trump campaign is just putting out all of these nasty and disgusting lies and smears, and the poor Biden campaign, according to Stelter, is just trying to find a way to respond to all this nuttiness. Never mind, say, Joe Biden’s multiple attempts to portray Trump and his supporters as white supremacists or at the very least, sympathizers.

Biden doesn’t emerge from his basement often, but when he does, we’ve even heard him smear people who (used to) come to his town halls, calling them “fat” and “dog-faced pony soldiers” and poking them aggressively in the chest if they ask difficult questions.

Yeah, he also said, “This guy is more Castro than Churchill.”

The Biden campaign, like the Democratic National Convention, just isn’t giving CNN’s fact-checkers or media correspondents anything to do, it’s so pure.