As Twitchy reported earlier today, CNN’s Brian Stelter quoted the Washington Post’s Paul Waldman as saying, “If you’re a Republican, there’s an entire cable network devoted to filling your evenings with terror.” Stelter, who has a book about Fox News coming out sometime soon, tweeted that he wished that were an overstatement, “but it’s not.”

Plenty disagreed that there was only one cable news network peddling terror, but Twitchy favorite @neontaster, citing a CNN piece about political strategists becoming “increasingly alarmed” about a post-election crisis, called for Drew Holden to get on the case and put together one of his receipt-filled threads:

Ask and you shall receive:

Of course, they bring on Mayor Jenny Durkan, who had to shut down her city’s “summer of love” after two teens died of gunshot wounds, to sound the alarm about “dangerous escalation” in Portland.