This weekend college football kicked off its new season and for most people in the country it was a pleasant and exciting change to see the stadiums filled and the excitement returning. Of course, there had to be a share of those thirsty souls needing to stand out by dumping on the festivities and proving how they are elevated thinkers by intoning grave condemnation for the reckless Covid risks on display.

And then there was Chris Cillizza, who attempted to be both of these people, and only managed to fail twice.

First, we’ll begin with Chris retweeting a Politico piece that talks of this country struggling to turn the corner on the pandemic due to large gatherings and people returning to public lifestyles.

All well enough to place Chris in the camp with the other cranks. Except…

Just five tweets earlier in his timeline Chris took the complete opposite emotion regarding a massive crowd of people, declaring it to be 180 degrees apart from that grave sentiment.

That was the Wisconsin Penn State game from Saturday as the stadium was charged up during their traditional ”Jump”, something they have not enjoyed in two years. Note on the crowd close-ups there is nary a mask to be seen. Note also the distinct lack of concern from Cillizza, and his abject absence of self-awareness when he later sent the Politico wet blanket message.

Maybe there is a difference here? The photo from Politico is from the Sturgis motorcycle rally. That is much different than hundreds of thousands packing together on Saturday across the country, because…science, we think. It’s enough to leave us flustered.

The unvaccinated taking horse pills are probably going to be blamed for that as well.

Oh, I bet that is going to trigger Twitter’s new safety feature…

Funny how both apply with this one.

That just might be the safest step you can take.