We may have just found the primary example that typifies the dysfunctional nature of government.

There is a growing tide of states which are legalizing marijuana. The debate has been a long in discussion enterprise, with any number of benefits mentioned as a reason to codify the product, but one thing that is always assured to be mentioned is that legalization would become a windfall for the government. The tax revenue generated is always a lure for politicians, but as to be expected with any government program here comes California to call the whole thing into question.

The state has a full legalization program, with no medicinal requirement. so this is a huge windfall in the making. No, wait — this is California. It is something else.

It is amazing to behold. Instead of gathering in cash by snowshovels the state government has to bail out the money-printing industry. In Los Angeles alone they paid out $22 million. It is astounding.

Astounding, but not shocking. The galaxy brains running operations were not content with the new source of income; they, of course, got greedy.

True. Welcome to California.

This is called ”Answering your own question”.

So much truth.

And to grapple with that thought, we will need something stronger than weed…

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