The press becomes the most amusing when they fail to remember their own prior positions. Today’s outrage was yesterday’s praise, and it is all based on the letter following somebody’s name.

The Washington Post is covering the administration positional changes being made by Joe Biden.

”Burrowed”, they say. It sounds harsh for the new Leader.

President Biden is trying to shake a Trump hangover in the federal government by acting to remove some holdovers and install his own appointees, but a quiet push to salt federal agencies with Trump loyalists is complicating the new president’s effort to turn the page.

Poor Joe is doing noble work of putting people out of work, except he is facing certain challenges. WaPo here is struggling for a couple of reasons. They attempt to make the practice of Trump giving career jobs to administration workers a bad thing, even as they have to admit that it is common practice for all outgoing Presidents.

The other problem – 4 years ago this same paper criticized President Trump for his practice of firing people.

Just more than a week into his presidency, he fired acting attorney general Sally Yates. Then, it was U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who did not comply when asked to submit his resignation along with 46 other U.S. attorneys in March. And most infamously, he dismissed FBI Director James B. Comey in May. He’s teased about firing many more members of his administration, often joking about canning them during meetings or public appearances.

Of note was that report coming in July, discussing a handful of Obama holdovers who were creating resistance within the Trump administration. They even tabulated how often Trump used finger guns when making his point. Today we have Biden cleaning house before he has fully settled, and WaPo can only complain that the process could not be easier for him.

Maybe Joe could stand to have been a bit more discerning in his terminations. It turned out he became left out in the cold when he had fired the White House usher who maintains the residence.