The overreliance on identity politics frequently leads to giddy stories rushed to the airwaves and social accounts, where news outlets strive to be the first to make historical proclamations. Overnight we instead saw the rush to become the first expert news analyst to get the facts completely wrong.

Over at Politico, they offer up for readers The Politico Playbook, which is claimed to be the ”Number one political newsletter for political professionals”. They tout Playbook as ”The most reliable politics newsletter.” Keep that last phrase in mind as you read their newest edition, covering last night’s Georgia runoff election results.

Now, Warnock is about to make history as the first elected Black Democratic senator from the South and the seventh elected Black senator. Including appointed senators, 10 Black Americans have served in the chamber.

Interesting assessment. Based on this summation we need to ask – does Politico no longer consider the state of South Carolina to be in The South, or does Politico not consider SC Sen. Tim Scott to be black? Or, is it a matter that Scott is a Republican, and therefore all of his normal credentials simply do not count on such matters?

Also getting the facts wildly incorrect was CNN. Their media coordinator Matthew Sierra currently has this proclamation about Raphael Warnock’s win last night.

Major history, but also a major shift by Sierra. It was early last night when he was making a slightly different historical claim about Warnock. Matthew resorts to revised history here as he deleted the tweet where he made the same incorrect claim as Politico, without acknowledgment. Here is his original claim.

Always the sharpest tools, at Tater’s network.

On that topic…

Always the case with the press – only as long as they have a (D) beside their name will they count towards historical accomplishments.