It is one thing to appear bold and brash while running for an elected office, but the content of your words still matters. Jon Ossoff has always appeared on ballots with little cause shown as to why anyone should vote for him beyong the capital ”D” beside his name. he never held a major office, failed in his bid for the House, and now is moving up to compete for a federal Senate seat?

It makes little sense. Ossoff trying to talk tough ends up sounding like an unproven bench-sitter trash-talking the competition during the playoffs

When this is the crux of your platform you essentially are admitting you have little worrth listening to. You also expose your own obliviousness.

True. Using ”believe” to insist you rely on facts sounds contradictory. Ossoff sure sounds faith-based in reference to science, while mocking those who think in this same fashion.

This is very true, and it is also exposed by those who question where Ossoff’s ”scientific” position rests.

Um, you are no longer allowed to this. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House from the Party Of Science declared all pronoun references involving gender are now off-limits.

Oh please. Biology is secondary to more important disciplines.

We are guessing straight-”A”s. Political science IS science, according to politicians.