With everyone up in arms over the Covid relief bill there was a brief moment of sanity when many agreed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The New York Representative addressed some of the upheaval over a spending bill that was lame in its aid and gross with its wasteful spending.

A 5,500 page bill was dropped in the early afternoon and was expected to be voted upon by COB. She appeared to be a voice of sanity in the furor.

The operative word there is ”appeared”. What AOC was doing here could be called signaling, or posturing, for the sake of her followers.

It could also be called ”lying”.

As much as she wants to cast herself in the role of the overwhelmed and indignant worker for the people, what she is doing here is delivering only a portion of the real story.

In the House there is a rule that new bills have a 3 day window to be vetted before it gets voted on by members. So why did this not happen with such a massive omnibus bill on Monday? Well, as the Representative from Kentucky – Thomas Massie – explains, it turns out the Democrats did not want that to be an option. That is, ALL Democrats.

Just to reiterate Massie’s point – ”EVERY Democrat in the House” would include…Ocasio-Cortez. So the esteemed Congresswoman was actually complaining about something she helped become enacted.

This is the typical kind of politics that is sickening a growing sector of the country. Politicians who complain about the very policy they help usher in should have some public retribution brought down upon them.

That is a PERFECT solution. Road trips need to be organized, right after the holidays!