As far as journalism is concerned it has been a tough four years for this nation under a Trump administration. Now for us here at Twitchy it has been great, with content pouring in from these imbalanced souls, but for others it has been a slog. Well, if there was a suspicion that they may become less hysterical under the warm glow of a Joe Biden Presidency we have our doubts.

Before most journalists check out for their coming 4-year vacation the razor sharp minds at ABC News have some keen insights as to what we are seeing with the drama in the voting tally.

Just amazing. Look, we get that it is Sunday, and that most members of the press are hungover from all the fruit seltzers they were slamming back during Biden’s speech, but even an intern fact-checker could have gleaned this intel with a 15 second search – and that is allowing for typos.


Plus there are state results still in question.

Hold on, what was that detail again? Not only do they have the blind spot at the Alphabet Network, they also act as if Trump is rejecting a decision that has not been handed down.

Now in the piece ABC News does get around to mentioning Al Gore, saying that he got around to conceding after 36 days. Not only did Gore not concede for over a month, he contested it all over one state. President Trump has sat back for less than a week since the election, and there are currently five states whose results are not finalized.

There is also another small matter — Hillary Clinton recently declared that Joe Biden should never concede the election if he lost, no matter what. There was no outrage to be found in the press over that statement, for some reason.

Also…speaking of Hillary–

So, that counts as a concession, but only sort of, according to ABC.

But then there is probably good reason why a major news network would not have a grasp on recent events.

Ah yes, this makes sense now. ANYTHING involving Trump must be a first ever scenario. After all, we learned that lesson regarding the kids in cages.