Something is wrong when Goliath is posed as an underdog, and only more so when THREE Goliaths are positioned in need of being defended.

CNN has trended into Babylon Bee territory in declaring that the big-3 Silicon Valley giants — Google, FaceBook and Twitter — are being unfairly and maliciously demeaned by the ever-nefarious cabal known as ”The right-wing”!

As if the concept of the digital leviathans being in need of defending was not laughable enough, after years of long-in-the-practice stifling of conservative voices and outlets, the piece from CNN is filled with more comedy.

What began as complaints about anti-conservative censorship by social media companies has now evolved into outright allegations of election interference, as high-ranking Republicans have accused online platforms of helping Democrats by way of their content moderation decisions.

Uh…ya think?! As if the years of seeing right-of-center voices silenced, shadow-banned, throttled, unfollowed, or outright suspended had not been enough, we now have watched as they have actively worked to stop transmission of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Outside experts have found little evidence to support claims of widespread, systematic political bias in Silicon Valley’s technology. But the conservative allegations are an explosive charge and a dramatic escalation ahead of Election Day.

”Little evidence”. Interesting how they missed the collusion that has gone so far that a national newspaper — The New York Post — has had its account completely held in stasis as a result of reporting on this verified story.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said the company has faced criticism equally from Republicans “for being biased against conservatives and Democrats for not taking more steps to restrict the exact same content.

Not to quibble here, but that is not ”equally” applied critiques. When Republicans call to stop censoring content, and Democrats call for MORE censoring to take place that is more like polar opposites.

Considering the ratio they are receiving on this posting it seems clear where most view the issue.

Seems the case. And as the FB executive stated, the left-wing wants to see more of this cancelling behavior.

Ah yes, this was a missed opportunity of that old standby.

Yea, funny how in this case CNN is not in the practice of demonizing these individuals based on their net worth. Almost as if they are on the same side of the issue, or something…

While at once it seems a hysterical meme, these damned companies keep going out of their way to try to prove it correct.