Following Tuesday night’s debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden there has been a surprising level of agreement from people, on two facets. One, regardless of political affiliation, everybody seemed to assess that display was a tire fire inside a dumpster pushed down a mountainside.

Less uniformly agreed upon, but certainly a large factor, was the manner the press has come out and made it clear they can only see this election in one fashion. Whether through the insipid fact-checking they performed on President Trump’s comments from the night, or the sheer lack of curiosity in looking into Biden’s numerous falsehoods, the media is looking like a herd of partisan oxen.

Distinguishing oneself from this rabble is tough work, but over at the Washington Post Josh Rogin manages to do just that with his version of a ”fact check. Josh took exception with a comment Trump made about Hunter Biden’s military service.

Oh…kay then. We can only guess that one of those is better than the other…is his point? It is not too clear.

It almost appears that Josh believes this euphemism employment is a beneficial way to dress up the fact that the car wreck known as Hunter Biden was pitched from the military over cocaine use.

And there is where Josh misses everything about his strained efforts — he manages to reveal even more unsavory elements behind Hunter’s discharge. Uh, that is, his compelled dismissal from servitude…???

Yes, this sounds SO much better…according to Josh.