Well, with no games at the moment why not have some other form of college football drama?

In Gainesville there was a major fire that broke out at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, affectionately known to fans and locals as ”The Swamp”. Preliminary reports are sketchy, as to be expected.

Looks at least of some concern.

Initially it was said to have been the result of a golf cart shorting out. Of course, this being 2020, we have been taught that these things are caused by much more explainable events.

It makes sense after all. We have been coached on the matter that global warming is the cause of any fire these days. It’s simply science.

Heh. Darkly comic, but funny as well.

Things of course did turn towards the recent upheavals as a possibly cause behind the conflagration.

That one took us a second, but very well constructed.

But, all this fun was eventually squashed, of course, by boring solid facts.

So it was all contained, and no major damage is the result. There should be no problem with the Gators hosting their home opener in the coming weeks.