Many are familiar with the concept that if everything is racist then racism is actually not the problem. Many are also not familiar, and as a result this has become a year of painfully stupid claims. Crosswalk signs are supremacist symbols. We heard how peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are culturally insensitive. Just understand that we have no hope of ever eradicating this problem once you consider that the outdoors are racist.

So it is into this environment that it stands to reason that one restauranteur has decided to sell boxes of salt – for $100, per 9oz serving.

We can already see the gears and springs flying from this concept when you see that this is the brainchild of a celebrity chef. (This is a term that forever baffles.) Says the ad copy:

SAY HELLO TO LOT, A PREMIUM SEA SALT FOR WHITE PEOPLE. NO, SERIOUSLY THIS ISN’T A JOKE. NOW, you’re prolly thinking ‘$100for salt? That’s outrageous! exactly! 

This is done as a means of addressing racial and financial inequality in the country. Yes, that is the intent here. In the name of reparations this is being instituted as a way for white people to address their systemic supremacy and make amends for the unfair advantages they enjoy — or something.

We can only suppose this would lead to pulling out the box at the posh dinner parties in order for a socialite to show her friends just how woke she is — and not at all worried about looking foolish for paying a Benjamin on sodium.

Every time you add a dash of our delicious sea salt to your under seasoned dishes* we hope you contemplate YOUR many privileges (obvious and subtle) AND THE DISPARITIES THEY CREATE. and CONSIDER ways, ALONG WITH BUYING OUR SALT, to divest from these unearned benefits.

The idea behind this becomes even more inane once you learn about the chef behind this. Tunde Wey was born in Nigeria, and he emigrated to the US as a teenager. That he was able to come from a poorer nation and rise up to a level of being a restauranteur, author, and ”celebrity chef” basically undercuts his entire message of white privilege oppressing black progress. But then this would be applying vastly more pragmatic thought on the subject of $100 salt.

While much of this has to be more stunt-based activist rambling there has to be those in the wealthy circles of society who will see this and believe they are making a difference. There is even a subscription available where you can receive the ”White Tears Edition” for $100 each month.

It strikes us that this is something that would make sense only to the wealthy leftist who is harboring a significant bout of white guilt, but if they feel as if they can make a difference by dropping a C-note on a two-dollar box of Morton’s, who are we to criticize?!