One way to know that the Republican convention has had a positive impact is the sheer amount of desperation seen in the reactions by both the media and the democrats. It has been a 2-pronged effort of flailing, either in the form of fact-checking speakers and screwing up the facts, or in the desperation to assert racism was in play.

Just one example of the lengths they have gone is shown by Ben Dreyfuss and Mother Jones, who assert those dastardly Republicans were racist based…uh, based on…well, what they did not say.

One other person who lapsed into the ”that’s racist” accusation to ill effect was Democrat strategist Leslie Marshall. After Nikki Haley spoke last evening regarding racism in the country Leslie had this to say about her comments.

Well, her account had that to say. As Marshall received a flood of responses which called out her racial tone, as well as the fact that she misidentified Haley’s race, she took down the tweet. She also made a rather comical explanation of things.

We suppose that saying ”the account made a comical explanation” would have been a tougher sell. What became more amusing was throughout the day Marshall went to great lengths responding to people about how she was not responsible, as she is such a busy person that she requires a team of interns.

You understand, she needs people to take up the slack for the 15 seconds it takes to compose and send a tweet.

There were a number of tweets she sent out to this effect, declaring what a consumed and over-burdened individual she is that she requires a team of assistants. So it makes perfect sense that she would have time to send numerous tweets listing the dozens of items on her To-Do list to explain that she was far too busy to type out four words. At 10pm. For those who pointed out this discrepancy in her time management most found themselves blocked – uh,  by her intern.

You would almost think that treading carefully regarding charges of racism would have been on the mind of Leslie Marshall — that is, on the mind of Leslie’s interns — given she had misapplied another charge of racism earlier yesterday. Marshall jumped on the story prior to the convention that suggested someone at a Donald Trump presser had shouted out the word ”monkey” in a racist fashion.

Huh, curious – it sure appears like a white woman is commenting on race.

Yes, except it became revealed that what so many on the left wanted to hear was not actually spoken.

It is almost as if they cannot help themselves. Even after she had an occurrence of falsely accused racism you can see the knee-jerk manner in which Democrats leap at the suggestion of racism, and it tripped up Marshall a second time.

We mean, it tripped up her ”intern” a second time.

This evening is Night-2 of the Republican convention. Might be a good idea for Leslie’s interns to call in sick.


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