We do not think it comes as a huge surprise that racial grifter Shaun King would come out in support of VP nominee Kamala Harris. It might, however come as a small surprise to anyone who has followed the messaging of King.

Firstly, Tupac Sugar had these words of support following the announcement of Joe Biden being told who his running mate would be.

We suppose his dreams were not made of a Barack Obama presidency. But sure, Kamala is historical.

Somehow King’s enthusiasm seemed to ebb somewhat not too much later.

So why do we think that Pale Revere was sounding somewhat qualifying in his ”historical” praise? It is probably due to the kind of detail that Dan Crenshaw points out. Seems there was a time when Alexander Scamilton was less than enthusiastic about Kamala Harris. Something like 99 percent less.

That is a pretty harsh turnaround. Note that King essentially called the presidential ticket for the Democrats, and in so doing gave an all but 100% assurance of not supporting them.

Okay, cue the spinning.

Now granted, he has some wiggle room by using PRIMARY support as an escape clause. But how does he explain away that his turnaround on Harris is rather rapid? It was not like these were tweets unearthed from a more naïve era in his past; these impressions are from the last election.

He was besmirching Harris and her record about a year and half ago, but now we are to believe she is a different leader since that time frame. While we would like to allow someone the chance to grow and change, this compressed timeline smacks a bit more like conveniently softening one’s positions for a general public appeal.

As King himself says, he was judging her on her history of decisions, basing his views on her ”entire career”. He harbors no curiosity it seems that somehow she has made wholesale alterations to her core values this summer.

Right along the same time that she became a name on Biden’s shortlist of potential running mates. Curious, that.

Anyhow, there is already signs that King’s adoration is waning. It took one newspaper headline for him to begin getting wistful.

That is some kind of timeline:

  • Dreamlike elation
  • Hedging bets and explaining himself
  • Longing for the candidate he truly adores

All that in less than 30 hours.

It is good to know that Shaun’s shifting standards set remains cemented in fluxuation.

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