Look, we all knew that the media was going to be gushing over the Kamala Harris selection. That was a given, and the press is even lining up it defense of her from the assured sexist/racist/pant-suit-ist hatred set to arrive from conservatives.

In amazing, but not surprising fashion, the Never-Trump crowd has been gushing over the Kamala pick as well. The completely rational and balanced conservative minds over at The Lincoln Project (we can’t type that without chickling) were thrilled with the decision.

And of course, there is no shock that TLP member Rick Wilson has some very acerbic past comments about the woman they are now overwhelmingly infatuated with, now that she is officially bound to the man they adore. Wilson seemed rather unimpressed with her record on justice and human rights.

As Rick himself loves to say, ”There is always a tweet.”

Taking things to an even more ridiculous level, however, are their acolytes over at The Bulwark. Last night writer JV Last exuberantly scrawled a lengthy piece of adoration over the selection. Now, we all get that you folks are excited, but shouldn’t there be a measure of analysis put into this kind of messaging?

Kamala Harris. Compared to the pick of Peyton Manning. Just…unreal.

The problem with this comparison begins with the fact that if you liken the selection of Harris to an NFL #1 pick you are also comparing the Biden campaign to the team making the pick. Normally the top selection is given to the worst team in the league, this means…

But also look at the idiocy of mentioning Manning. Kamala Harris initially had been polling, around last summer, in the range of 15%, or higher, in a packed field. She managed to take that momentum and chop her numbers down to about 5%. In her home state of California she was polling at a distant 4th place, trailing the others by double digits. She burned through her money and managed to close out her campaign before 2020 arrived, without receiving a single delegate in the primary run.

And The Bulwark is likening her to a Hall Of Famer. Just imagine what they would say if she had accomplished anything.

And he has won what, again…???

Yes, get ready for all sorts of ugly policy details coming out surrounding Harris. And then get ready for the cries of outrage for pointing out the problems with this Hall of Fame selection.