Look, making posts about Tom Arnold not making sense would be a full time job around here, so it would take some real staggeringly stupid things to get him noticed anymore.

Well Tom said something staggeringly stupid on Twitter.

Mr. Arnold elected to respond to a tweet by Drew Holden, so already you see the problem developing, as he was operating well out of his league. Holden saw a post by Andy Ngo, from the Portland riots, who posted a photo from the area and Drew had a basic message.

The deep thinker Arnold felt the need to respond. He felt he had a deeply insightful comment on the situation. It felt like Arnold might have been under the influence.

Oh Tom, you are not armed for this battle.

The obvious point here is that Andy Ngo was not really delivering his word on a matter, he was showing a picture. And it was rather straight forward in its delivery of information.

Great analogy. Here is Arnold trying to spin away a photograph from the area by shooting the photographer. He’s is gaslighting on behalf of Antifa, and he attempts to call someone else complicit.

More than the message displayed on the wall, which falls in line with the demands being made by the group, let’s look at Tom’s last 2 words of his misbegotten tweet, then at the symbol spray painted above the message.

It’s a scenario they never want to address. The supposed anti-fascists who oppose a President in the pocket of Russia sure have a lot of members who display insignia from the fascist nation.

You and your facts – you are just being complicit.

Tom will provide that right after his Trump ‘pee-tapes” are released.

This exposes the circular illogic from the left and the media. Either Antifa is a noble group that is maligned by lies, or when they are exposed with firm evidence they become a fictional group made up by conservatives who blame lone-wolf violence on a myth. Or something.

Based on what Andy Ngo has been displaying for weeks the shift to the latter example will take place soon.