They just never learn.

The press absolutely LOVES polling data. It is shorthand reporting, as the story is basically prewritten for them, and especially when the results are something they love. And it is like they have completely forgotten how useless the polls were in 2016.

On Friday we reported how members of the press were beside themselves that Fox News anchor Melissa Francis stated how she messes around with answers to pollsters. In the process of condemning her Justin Baragona raved the Fox poll is ”highly trusted”, slipping up on his compulsory ridicule of all things FoxNews. But, since the poll has Joe Biden in the lead it is praiseworthy, and Ed O’Keefe of CBS News is equally giddy today.

You can practically feel Ed vibrating with excitement over this. He goes on to describe why he thinks this is such an infallible polling result.

We are not really sure if Ed thought this one through. In his zeal to heap praise he basically insulted the methodology of the poll.

Well sure, if you look at the track record they look bad. This time though they have Biden leading Trump, so it is a highly respected and easy and inexpensive poll!

Amazing how these results came in by this fashion. Well you cannot buy this kind of accuracy.

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