And you thought the coronavirus pandemic solved the global warming problem.

Burger King is fast becoming one of the more forward-thinking fast food chains. The company has been aggressive with safety in its stores for the virus, and they have been an innovator with social distancing by offering up ”Covid Crowns” to encourage social distancing.

The burger purveyor has also led the charge with a vegetarian whopper, and now the company is addressing the issue of global warming and greenhouse gases. Seemingly this is a direct ploy to curry favor from the cow-fart-hating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The reason for hedging on this is the manner in which they present their case. They claim to be looking at curbing the methane output of beef cattle, suggesting that the introduction of lemon grass into the cow’s diet can reduce the emissions from the animals by 33%.

This had to be researched, because the company presented its case in this rather disturbing music video. WARNING – you may want to cover your computer screen with plastic wrap due to coffee emissions.

So much to untruck here with this one, starting with the fact that this video opens with our adolescent warbler emerging through the swinging doors of a cow’s colon.

You have to wonder if the producers are suffering from a severe case of cabin fever due to the quarantine, or if there were mass quantities of whiskey and mescaline ingested…due to the quarantine.

We get kids in color-coordinated gas masks and square dancing with flower pots on their hats.

Want a fart gag with a cow on an elevator? Because we get that.

The kids then 2-step through the gut of a cow and exit to a sprawling carnival dedicated to flatulence control, all while our pre-teen troubadour yodels the word ”Methane”.

And just to round out this bat-crap crazy fever dream of a PSA, we have kids riding in a Whopper roller coaster, because of course.

There is one thing funnier than a corporation putting out something this bizarre as a form of social outreach — those who saw the ad and took it completely seriously.

All caps. This vegan means business! As a result I will now second guess the efficacy of a video about cow farts with kids walking out of a bovine’s rectum — Thanks!

We will however completely follow the advice of randos on the internet.

I wonder if this is because they use Goya products on their menu…?

This — this announcement on lemon grass is what has them boycotting Burger King. We need to take a class on Reactionary Mechanics, in order to learn how to get outraged like this over the most arcane subjects. It looks like so much fun.

There you have it — Avocado Jones has broken the story WIDE open. And it was all a result of a cow fart music video.

2020 just continues to unravel into a dumpster fire of psychosis.