Since we have been lectured at to adhere to medical advice very loudly by politicians, journalists, celebrities and any number of other people who are in no position to dispense medical advice, it seems only fitting that another join in the fray.

Surprisingly during the virus outbreak there has been little heard from Bill Nye, the guy who is not a scientist but plays one on TV. Well he has surfaced, and in a heavily promoted tweet, he delivers some advice that is…underwhelming.

His message is — wear a mask. Something we have been told to do already. Since March. This is helpful…how? We can only assume there is another video showing us the gravity of undertaking the practice of hand washing.

Now there is nothing at all wrong with Nye’s video and message here. It is just rather banal. He gives us nothing here that we have not heard over the course of 4 months already. But was is remarkable to see are the people raving about this clip, as if a veil has been lifted on the mysteries of the pandemic.

Well, points for accuracy, at least. This was rather simple.

A number of us here at the site went without wearing a mask yesterday, and there have been no reported deaths. Stick that in your science and smoke it!!!

We are confused; people who disregard doctors and authorities on the mask wearing will become converted by this video?

Seriously?! He plays a role for the cameras. To lead this nation we need more than a television personality who can — wait…okay, bad example.

Maybe. Question is, which nation?

Hey, we aren’t scientists either — how do we get in on the free waffles?!

Well…those are medical professionals and…not scientists.