Word has come out that AOL-Time-Life-Warner-ATT-LGBTQ+ Corp. is looking to sell the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta. The news is based on an internal memo that was sent to employees notifying them of the impending change to some of its corporate structure.

There are two other CNN campuses in Atlanta and there appears a transition will be involving those locations. While avoiding any mention of layoffs there was this veiled language-

Our strategy is to consolidate our teams in state-of-the-art hubs to maximize collaboration. This is a strategy we are also implementing at our other primary business locations.”

Also mentioned was that during the pandemic the company has taken a different look at working remotely. Most of the employees are still being kept away due to the pandemic, so once they return they may not be returning to the iconic location.

Meanwhile there is speculation over the value of the CNN Center, a recent target of protest violence.

We admit to a spit-take on that one.

Even better. Check the horizon for mushroom clouds from all of the heads exploding, should that take place.

The truth behind this statement is quite impressive.

That’s it, cannot be any better than this so no use trying.