Some stories are too good to be true. Some stories are just too good to allow to be derailed by the facts. The story about the noose supposedly hung in the garage of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace appears to hold both qualities.

The Reverend Al Sharpton has seen renewed vigor in his hustle over the past few months of racial strife, and the noose-that-never-was is exactly the kind of thing that he needs to latch onto to burnish his name as an activist icon. Last night he weighed in on the matter with his full weight, exemplifies by his use of ALL CAPS.

That ”or else” involves a personal appearance from Sharpton himself. Seems like punishment enough. “If we don’t hear something soon, NASCAR can expect a visit from me — and I won’t be coming to drive a car.”

Understand that the good Reverend sent that message out after NASCAR made the sheepish announcement that the FBI looked into the matter and found that it was a case of garage door door pulldown ropes being classified as a ”noose”.

But in perfect paraphrase of the Democrats, Sharpton cannot let a good hoax go to waste. During an appearance last night on CNN’s Don Lemon program, Bubba Wallace maintained it was a hate-crime noose left in his garage, despite the photographic evidence, the FBI exoneration, and NASCAR’s statement of the details.

This morning Sharpton was extending that hysteria, trying desperately to contort the changing narrative to fit his outrage.

So he is resorting to the new conspiracy theory – someone placed a noose in a random stall, and then possibly the racist entities saw fit to then assign Wallace to the noose-outfitted garage. This is crackpot theorizing level-10, and the amount of straws Al is grasping for here will earn him a citation from California authorities. (See, in that state they have banned plastic straws, and so…oh, nevermind.)

That Wallace appearance on CNN was met with widespread head-shaking and eye-rolling, and it seems a dawning has come over the driver. Today he released a new statement where he came forward to finally give voice to the reality of the episode.

Good to see the acknowledgement from him, even though it would have been better served before stoking the emotional reactions. Sharpton however is having none of it. Hours after Bubba’s mea culpa he was still pushing the story on his feed.

”Bubba Walker”. Well, that about sums up how plugged into this story Sharpton has been in his puffery.

Honestly, how desperate are you to want to keep alive a story that everyone, including the governing body and government authorities, have said is an innocent mistake? Even Wallace himself — whom Sharpton has dubbed as the ”victim” — is stating that this is not what is alleged.

A sound mind and a man of the cloth would be expected to be happy that this was not a hate crime after all. It should be considered good news that intolerance was not in play. Not for the Reverend Al. It is much preferred to assume the worst of your fellow man — there MUST be hate involved.

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