The messaging from our media these days should read as follows — ”Just swallow the information in the headline folks, no need to bother yourselves with reading content”.

CNN political reporter Nicole Gaouette really has the goods on President Trump. Yesterday he toured a manufacturing company in the state of Maine, an effort to underscore how businesses have been working to aid the pandemic response nationwide. While he toured the factory floor at Puritan Medical Products, a company that is producing cotton swabs for the medical fields, he was photographed while not wearing a surgical mask.

Nicole turned full ”Karen”, as she detailed what this grievous act of non-compliance by the President supposedly led to taking place.

Sounds like a tragic dose of hubris on the part of the President! His egotistical refusal to wear a mask has cost a full day’s production to be wasted and possibly threaten lives!

Until, against the wishes of Ms. Gaouette, you actually go ahead and read the article that she provided for her case.

It is not clear why the swabs will be scrapped, or how many, read the copy from USA Today. So…the reason for destroying the swabs was not given, and it is unclear how much of the run was affected? Either the company is purposefully being coy about the issue, or the CNN reporter is making some assumptions here.

We come to realize it is the latter, once we keep reading. (Apologies for that, Nicole.)

The running of the factory machines is very limited today and will only occur when the president is touring the facility floor,” Virginia Templet, the company’s marketing manager told USA TODAY.

Okay then, this means the factory was closed down on account of the President’s visit. This also means then that they did not ”have to throw away the day’s production of coronavirus swabs’‘, as detailed by Ms. Gaouette. For the brief time of his photo-op, they ran the machines as a demonstration, so this means a very small batch would have been thrown out. This means Gaouette was making things up in order to dunk on the President.

Also note, the marketing manager is speaking in the future tense. She was describing for USA Today what will occur when the President makes his tour. This matters, as she also informed the paper – ”Swabs produced during that time will be discarded.” Thus, the plan was all along to make some swabs for the Presidential visit that were alwys intended to be tossed out. His wearing or not wearing a mask had no bearing on the matter.

This is the practice these days from our media masters. Just run with the hysteria, and the facts will probably follow…or not, but that is no journalistic problem. Nicole Gaouette can just spew out a charge and hope that no one will notice.

We are SO telling Brian Stelter about this!

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